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Interior of Joshua Farnsworth's Wood And Shop Traditional Woodworking School with workbenches, woodworking hand tools, and wood stove

The Wood And Shop Traditional Woodworking School is a center for educating beginner and advanced woodworkers, featuring a broad range of 1-6 day classes and instructors. The school is located just outside historic Charlottesville, Virginia, and is the closest woodworking school of its kind near the metro Washington DC and Richmond areas. It sits just 18 minutes away from the Shenandoah National Park.  The school focuses mostly on using historical hand tools, but also incorporates modern techniques and modern styles. But one thing remains constant here: traditional quality and craftsmanship. Below is a list of classes currently offered at our woodworking school:


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Mar 12-14: “Introduction to Hand Tool Woodworking with Joshua Farnsworth”

Apr 10: “Hand Cut Moldings with Bill Anderson”

Apr 11: “Hand Plane Skills with Bill Anderson”

Apr 16-18: “Timber Framing with Ervin & Willie Ellis”

Apr 22-23: “Make a Handsaw Till with Tom Calisto”

Apr 24-25: “Make a Dovetail Saw & Tenon Saw with Tom Calisto”

May 1-2: “Restoring Wooden Handplanes with Bill Anderson”

May 11-12: “18th Century Wood Carving with Kaare Loftheim”

May 15-16: “Make a Colonial Ratcheting Table with David Ray Pine”

May 18-20: “Introduction to Hand Tool Woodworking with Joshua Farnsworth”

Jun 5-6: “Build a German Shave Horse with Ervin & Willie Ellis”

Jun 8-9: “Introduction to Wood Veneering and Inlay with Dave Heller”

Jun 11-13: “Bowl Carving & Spoon Carving with Mike Cundall”

Jun 27: “Wood Joinery by Hand with Joshua Farnsworth”

Jul 11: “Make a Moravian Dovetailed Footstool with David Ray Pine”

Jul 16-18: “Introduction to Hand Tool Woodworking with Joshua Farnsworth”

Jul 31-Aug 1: “Carving Wooden Fans & Shells with David Ray Pine”

Aug 29: “Wood Joinery by Hand with Joshua Farnsworth”

Sep 14-16: “Introduction to Hand Tool Woodworking with Joshua Farnsworth”

Sep 18-19: “Sharpening Woodworking Hand Tools with Bill Anderson”

Sep 21-26: “Intro to Chair Making with David Ray Pine”

Sep 29-30: “Make Workbench Fixtures with Bill Anderson”

Oct 9-10: “Make a Wooden Spokeshave with Tom Calisto” 

Oct 19-20: “Make a Moravian Dovetailed Candlebox with David Ray Pine”

Here at the Wood And Shop Traditional Woodworking School we feature some incredible woodworkers who also possess great teaching ability. Below are short bios of the teachers we have lined up for classes, and this video will show you the classes these instructors are teaching in 2019:


The school is located in historic Albemarle County, Virginia, just 8 minutes away from the Charlottesville airport. It is also within reasonable driving distance from major metro areas such as Washington D.C., Richmond, Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburg, and Charlotte. Many of these areas are also connected to Charlottesville via the Amtrak rail line.

The address of the school is 5700 Buffalo River Rd. Earlysville, Virginia 22936.

Flying into the Charlottesville airport is quite often more affordable than flying into Washington D.C. or Richmond.
Quite a few car rental centers, hotels, Airbnb’s, and restaurants are near the airport, so students will find it easy to join us from anywhere in the world!


There are many hotels within 10-15 minutes of the school. Here is a Google Map search of nearby hotels and also a TripAdvisor list of nearby hotels. You can also checkout AirB&B for nice accommodations near the school. AirB&B is where most students seem to find the best deals. Here are a couple nearby (and affordable) AirB&B properties that students have really liked:


Here are some google map listings for campgrounds in the area. We have stayed at Misty Mountain Campground, which is one of the closest (about a 30 minute drive), and it’s quite nice. They have a lot of good amenities, RV sites, tent sites, and also some more secluded sites. There’s also Shenandoah Hill’s campground (25-30 minutes away). We haven’t stayed there, but it looks nice. There are also camp sites in the Shenandoah National Park, which we’ve camped at many of them. The entrance to the park is about 17 minutes from our place, and the closest campground (Loft Mountain campground) is about 45 minutes from the school, and Big Meadows is about 50 minutes away. You can check out Shenandoah camp sites here. You will, however, have to pay a park entrance fee. There is also a KOA campground about 35 minutes away (here).


Thomas Jefferson's Monticello home reflecting in a pond of water

What better place to learn how to build historical furniture with antique hand tools than in the very same area where many of the American founding fathers kindled the flames of democracy? Just 30 minutes to the southeast, Thomas Jefferson laid the foundation for the Declaration of Independence and built an American landmark: Monticello. Practically next door to Monticello is James Monroe’s farm, Ash Lawn-Highland (one of my favorites). Just 30 minutes to the northeast James Madison formed the ideas for the American constitution at his famous Montpelier farm . Two hours to the east is Colonial Williamsburg and 45 minutes to the west is the Frontier Culture Museum. All around this area the Revolutionary war and Civil wars were fought to galvanize the new American republic. The Shenandoah National Park gate entrance is 18 minutes away from the school. And the historic downtown Charlottesville area (15 minutes away) will be a highlight of your trip. Make sure you plan some extra time to visit these historic landmarks!

Colonial Williamsburg capital building front gate and brick wall with cobblestone street

Wood and Shop traditional woodworking school with workbenches, antique hand tools, and wood stove


Entrance of the Wood and Shop Traditional woodworking school with stone steps leading into a brick building