Read our Woodworking School Policies & Safety Information

Below you can read through some of the rules, policies, and safety precautions that every student must abide by if they want to enroll in a woodworking class at the Wood and Shop Traditional Woodworking School. Prior to your class, you will also receive a PDF with much of this information on it, which you must sign, acknowledging that you agree to abide by the policies & rules. It'll make the woodworking class more enjoyable for everyone!


  • Students must not place any body part in the way of a moving tool edge.
  • Students must not place any tools on their workbench in a way that the tool could fall off and break. Any tools broken due to a student's neglegence will be the responsibility of the student to pay for a replacement.


  • Do not display violence or express harassment, hate speech, or discrimination in any form.
  • Keep conversations clean & free
    from vulgarity, political/social debates, or other topics that may make other students feel uncomfortable.
  • No alcohol or drugs will be permitted on the property, and students will be dismissed from the property if they are
    under the influence of these substances, or bring them onto the property.
  • No smoking is allowed in the school, but students can smoke outside of the school if they do so at a good distance
    from the school and dispose of cigarette butts properly.
  • Due to the vigorous work involved in hand tool woodworking, we ask that every student kindly wear deodorant during class.
  • Dovetail saw making woodworking class students with Tom Calisto

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