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Woodworking Class: Sash Window Making with Bill Anderson (2 Days)

Woodworking Class: Sash Window Making with Bill Anderson (2 Days)

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Learn how to make a traditional sash window frame for your home, cabin, or furniture! Please carefully read all details below before registering for this class. 

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Full Description

Sash making used to be a fine art back in the day! Sash makers were at the apex of craftsmanship. Mechanization and mass production changed all of that. We will step back in time and learn fundamental techniques and skills that have long disappeared. The focus of the workshop will be to make a 16”X 20” four paned window sash.

The first step is to learn how to design an appropriate set of story sticks for both the rails and the stiles.
Second we will explore the design of sticking boards for striking the sash. Once you have a story stick (individually specific for any window you attempt to make) and a sticking board specific to your sash plane, all else flows!

We will be cutting the molding with American style sash filletster planes (cuts the molding and the fillet simultaneously). There will be a demo on the British approach (separate molding and moving filletster planes). Lots of mortise and tenon work! We will be mitering the molding, and to do this we will make a simple wooden miter gauge for our personal tool boxes.

I will be supplying sash filletsters. If you have one, bring it but not necessary for the workshop. If you decide to make sash on your own, you will eventually have to acquire such planes. Some experience in Mortise and Tenon skills and hand plane usage would be optimal, but not required.

This class does not involve cutting & installing glass or window glazing. Those simple skills can be learned online.

Class Syllabus

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Meet your Instructor

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Materials Fee & Required Tools

I will supply all needed handplanes and layout tools. In additions, we will make some of these tools in the workshop. There will be a material fee for sash stock and for materials for class projects. This is generally in the range of $50, depending on current market prices.

Class Policies, Liability Waiver, & Cancellations

No students under 18 years of age are allowed. A PDF document with the full class policies and a liability waiver will be available after you register. All students are required to sign this document, and bring it on the first day of class.

Anyone can cancel a class up to 3 weeks prior to the class for a full refund (minus a $45 fee that covers credit card processing fees and administrative work). Cancellations under three weeks before a class begins will be given a refund (less $45) if we can find someone else to fill the slot. If we have to cancel a class for an unforeseen emergency, inclement weather, instructor illness/injury, or low number of registrations, a full refund will be given to students. We encourage students to not book non-refundable flights, car rentals, or lodging in case of these cancelations.

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How to Get Here & Where to Stay

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