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Woodworking Class: 18th Century Colonial Pipe Box Entirely by Hand with Jeremy Tritchler (2 Days)

Woodworking Class: 18th Century Colonial Pipe Box Entirely by Hand with Jeremy Tritchler (2 Days)

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Join Colonial Williamsburg cabinetmaker Jeremy Tritchler to build your own lovely 18th century pipe box / candle box from rough-sawn lumber, using only traditional woodworking hand tools. This is a great opportunity to learn many fundamentals of hand tool woodworking! Please carefully read all details below before registering for this class. 

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Full Description

With this project we are going to explore multiple traditional hand tool techniques such as using panel saws to resaw boards into thin stock, marking and laying out lines with gauges and marking knives, planing and squaring boards to final dimensions, and sawing a decorative curve using fret or coping saws. We’ll then nail everything together using cut brads leaving you with a beautiful box which can be hung on the wall from a peg or set on a shelf. These boxes are great for holding items today such as taper candles or your clay pipe collection, and they make a beautiful edition to any home decoration.

Class Syllabus

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Meet your Instructor

Read about this instructor on our page: "Meet the Instructors".

Materials Fee & Required Tools

Currently the materials fee is $40, but is subject to change if material prices rise substantially prior to the class.

All hand tools will be provided, but students are welcome to bring their own properly-sharpened hand tools. Here is the list of tools:

• Rip cut panel saw (ideally 5-6 tpi, 26 inch)
• Triplane, bench plane (somewhere around #4-#5.5 in sizing)
• 12” combination square
• Marking gauge
• Marking knife
• Coping saw/fret saw
• Dovetail saw
• 1/16” nail set
• Light hammer (for driving cut headless brads)
• Half round files, medium and/or fine, 10”-12”
• 1” chisel

Optional Hand Tools:

• Card scraper
• Card scraper burnisher
• Brace or Eggbeater drill with 3-jaw chuck able to hold 1/16” drill bits
• Rabbet plane
• Moving Fillister Plane
• 6” rule or combination square
• ¼” chisel

Class Policies, Liability Waiver, & Cancellations

No students under 18 years of age are allowed. A PDF document with the full class policies and a liability waiver will be available after you register. All students are required to sign this document, and bring it on the first day of class.

Anyone can cancel a class up to 3 weeks prior to the class for a full refund (minus a $45 fee that covers credit card processing fees and administrative work). Cancellations under three weeks before a class begins will be given a refund (less $45) if we can find someone else to fill the slot. If we have to cancel a class for an unforeseen emergency, inclement weather, instructor illness/injury, or low number of registrations, a full refund will be given to students. We encourage students to not book non-refundable flights, car rentals, or lodging in case of these cancelations.

Student Tool Discounts

After you’ve registered for a class, you are eligible for a discount from Lee Valley (Veritas) and Taylor Toolworks. Lee Valley offers a 15% discount, and a discount form PDF will be available for download in your Wood and Shop dashboard after your purchase. For a 10% discount from Taylor Toolworks fill out this form and upload a photo or screenshot of your class order email (under the “Student ID” section). The discounts may not be available after the end of the class, so try to place your orders before then.

How to Get Here & Where to Stay

Please read our page: "Getting Here and Where to Stay".

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