Class: Bowl Carving & Spoon Carving with Mike Cundall (3 Days)


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CLASS DESCRIPTION: Join Mike Cundall for a three day green woodworking course on carving traditional wooden spoons and wooden bowls from branches and logs. Students will learn how to turn branches & logs into lovely family heirlooms! The class begins with a tutorial on carving wooden spoons, and then moves into bowl carving. We will focus on green wood selection, layout, stock preparation, and the safe and efficient use of the axe, adze, and gouge. Students will have at least one spoon and a rough bowl by the end of the class that can, after drying at home, be turned into a useful bowl. See below for class details.

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two carved wooden bowls and wooden spoon at the wood and shop traditional woodworking school

Over three days students will have the amazing opportunity to learn the fundamentals of carving wooden bowls and wooden spoons. Students will start out learning about green woodworking tools, and then the basics by carving a traditional spoon, and will move on to carving two different styles of wooden bowls from a log. Students will also take a walk in the woods to learn how to spot ideal wood for making spoons and bowls. Because these bowls & spoons will be carved from wet, green wood, they won’t take home completely finished items, but will learn how to properly dry and finish the bowls and spoons in their home shops.

Spoon carving with a hook knife

Class Syllabus:


  • Learn about different bowl & spoon carving tools
  • Brief discussion on proper tool sharpening techniques
  • Layout and carve a couple different styles of wooden spoon
  • Walk through the woods to identify ideal trees for carving


  • Layout bowl blanks
  • Start working on the first bowl


  • Continue working on the first bowl
  • Start working on a second bowl (if student is able)

About the Instructor: