“Shaker Hanging Wall Cupboard” Woodworking Plans


This is the plan for the popular cupboard featured in Joshua Farnsworth’s video & article titled, “Anatomy of a Shaker Wall Cupboard“.  These detailed woodworking plans offer woodworkers a great project to refine their joinery skills with dovetailing, frame & panel construction, and mortise & tenon joinery.

Below you’ll find more details about these woodworking plans, along with the free tutorial video that goes along with these plans, photos, and a list of tools & products used to build it.




  • 21 page detailed woodworking plan
  • Downloadable PDF format that’s great for printing
  • Detailed measurements and exploded views
  • Measurements are in Imperial units (inches/feet)
  • See the accompanying blog post here

Tools & Supplies used in the Project:

This is a list of tools that I used in this video. Because I have a school full of woodworking tools I am able to use a large variety of tools, but you certainly don’t have to have every one of these tools to make this bench. Some of these links are affiliate links, but don’t cost you anything.


Cherry shaker wall cupboard

raised panel door of a Cherry shaker wall cupboard

Open door of a Cherry shaker wall cupboard

hanging hole of a Cherry shaker wall cupboard

turned knob of a Cherry shaker wall cupboard

assembling a raised frame and panel door for a Cherry shaker wall cupboard

back of a Cherry shaker wall cupboard

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