DIGITAL: “Building an 18th Century Panel Saw with Tom Calisto” in HD (Stream + Download)


Step-by-Step Instructions to Help You Build This Historical Hand Saw!

Learn how to build this classic panel saw, which is based off of the Kenyon hand saws originally found in the famous Benjamin Seaton tool chest. This detailed High Definition video tutorial will not only guide you through the process of making hand saws, but will help you develop many hand tool woodworking skills and hand saw skills, including:

  • The basics of hand saw construction
  • Making saw handles
  • Shaping saw teeth
  • Adding saw nuts & saw nut holes
  • Sharpening hand saws for woodworking
  • Much, much more!

With 155 minutes of instruction, you’ll be able to create this historical panel saw and learn many valuable traditional skills along the way. SEE PREVIEW VIDEO BELOW…



  • Includes High Definition Streaming and MP4 Digital Video Download (or you can purchase the physical DVD here)
  • Should be playable on all TV’s, computers, & digital devices (although, use a computer to download as customers have trouble downloading & unzipping with mobile devices).
  • Step-by-step detailed instructions
  • Geared toward beginner hand tool woodworkers
  • Filmed at Joshua Farnsworth’s Wood and Shop Traditional Woodworking School
  • Click here for the resource page, with links to places to find hand saw parts and free hand saw handle templates.


Tom Calisto is an expert hand tool maker and engineer, with specialty in making historical hand saws. He has been featured on the the PBS TV show “The Woodwright’s Shop“. He also teaches woodworking classes at Roy Underhill’s “Woodwright’s School” and is a regular contributor to Fine Woodworking Magazine and Popular Woodworking Magazine. He is also an instructor at Joshua Farnsworth’s Wood and Shop Traditional Woodworking School.


After completing your purchase you’ll be taken to an order confirmation page (see what it looks like here). On that page you’ll see the link to stream or download the video. You’ll also find links to any plans or cut lists. You can also access these links from your account, which you will create during checkout.


Here are a few photographs from the DVD shoot at the Wood and Shop Traditional Woodworking School:

Rear DVD cover of Make an 18th Century Panel Saw with Tom Calisto

Three hand saws or panel saws sitting on a Roubo Workbench

Woodworker Tom Calisto holding three hand saws in a woodworking workshop

Stages of making a hand saw or panel saw with saw parts, gouges, and a rasp

Triangular file sharpening hand saw teeth in a woodworking workbench vise

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