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Beeswax Cutting Board & Wood Spoon Finish


Our high quality Cutting Board & Wood Spoon Finish is designed to moisturize and product your wooden spoons, wooden cutting boards, wooden bowls, and any other wooden creation that will make contact with your mouth. It is a perfect blend of high-grade natural beeswax and food-safe mineral oil. See directions below. 

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Food Safe Beeswax Wood Finish

Ye Olde Beeswax Cutting Board and Wood Spoon Finish

If you want a food safe alternative to our beeswax wood finish, then try our Ye Olde Beeswax Cutting Board & Wood Spoon Finish. It will moisturize and protect your wood creations that make contact with your food, such as wooden bowls, wooden spoons, wooden knife handles, and wooden cutting boards.

Directions for Applying Wax for Cutting Boards

Make sure that the wood surface has been adequately hand planed or sanded to your desired smoothness, and wiped clean. Use a soft cotton cloth or old T-shirt to apply a small amount of Ye Olde Beeswax Cutting Board & Wood Spoon Finish to the bare wood.  You can either leave it, or buff it after 5-10 minutes with a used cotton T-shirt if you desire a sheen. On some open-grain or dry woods you may wish to initially apply a second coat.

Beeswax cutting board finish and wood spoon wax finish

This finish uses a perfect blend of natural beeswax and food-safe mineral oil. Like with any oil-based wood finish, remember to properly store or dispose of your rags after use, to prevent the danger of spontaneous combustion associated with oily rags (follow these safety tips). Reapply more beeswax finish when the sheen dulls in appearance and needs a new polished look.

Reapply after washing & drying your cutting board, wooden spoon, or wooden bowl. Or whenever the wood feels too dry. Enjoy!


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